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Gasp! Someone, or something, has awoken Jinx from his long slumber and it is up to you to help him find out what it was! · By Ashitaka


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THANKYOU & an update
Just wanted to post a short note to say an absolutely massive thank you to everyone who has engaged with HiJinx on all platforms and for those of you who bought...
Opening the gates!
And here it is... It's got a LOT less content than I was hoping for but I think at this stage it's just better I get it out into the wild else I will just sit o...
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Early Acces version
So this is the first step of a fairly significant update. I have finished building 20 levels, I'm pretty sure i've fixed the saving issue I was getting and now...
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As I'm continuing development towards the desired release date more assets are coming in and the game is coming along nicely. That being said though I am tragi...
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Small update
Mainly just an update to add a bunch of meta data for the other platforms Did also fix a problem with my platform specific images / text that was picked up by a...
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Nothing massive here. Just an initial post to stamp my ground and plant my flag. More content to come! watch this space...
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