A downloadable game

First person, old-skool tile, based, party RPG with split-screen multiplayer!

Created by Craig Moore (@Ashiitaka)

Calling All Heroes!

Gather your party and set forth as countless exciting adventures lay before you.

  • Create your party
  • Join forces with up to 3 friends on the same machine!
  • Roam free and battle countless monsters either alone or together

Supported Devices

Red Chalice is playable by up to 4 players (TBC) with compatible controllers.

Dev Log...

18 - 02 - 2017

i've been crazy busy working over the last month or so to really feel like doing any of my own work in the evenings. But today I have done a little more towards my character creation.

I've also added some early awesome artwork by my amazing partner, who fancied doing some art for the game!

One of the big problems I am having with motivation is working on the core systems and not doing anything particularly "fun". Thankfully I am almost at this stage now and look forward to getting in to the battling side of things soon!

29 - 01 - 2017

It's been a really slow work week this week with life getting in the way. I managed to do some refactoring of how the maps were stored and created a map manager and a nice easy 1 line solution to create basic maps!

Perhaps I could think about completely randomised maps...

Also did some work on a title screen, i'm no artists so it's completely OTT, but it was nice to work on something different for a change.

22 - 01 - 2017

Chunk of annoying work done today on multiple controllers and UI navigation. I managed to get it working then quickly realised I was using Unity's built in event system which, of course, was overriding my selected objects regardless of which controller I was using.

Looks like I need to write this myself! Doh!!

But, I did manage to get UI navigation and interaction working (as long as only one player tries to do it at the same time. So that's a step in the right direction :D

21 - 01 - 2017

Made some good progress on the multiplayer aspect with Red Chalice now working correctly with 2 controllers, or 1 pad and a mouse / keyboard setup.

Next on the list is to add in the correct navigation for controller so that I can actually make characters etc with the pad! Awkward because I need to handle each players' view independently of one another and then I need to think of a decent way to navigate.

While It's a massive pain in the ass to get this setup, I can't help but think that all the effort will be worth it :).

16 - 01 - 2017

Today I have decided to embark properly onto my "itch.io" journey and have started to push myself to get content on here. How long that will last I don't know!

But tonight I have thrown together a simple logo and decided to name the game "Red Chalice". It seemed pretty generic and seemed to fit the bill, at least for now...

I have done a very rough implementation of a title screen but need to handle the player generation based on what pushes the player through to the first view. This is where I will most likely handle authentication and the like in the future.

I need to work on the map and controller designation next, I might need to buy another controller to properly test!