A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to the world of witch duels, a place where witches fight each other in brutal duels to the death!

Enter the witchy cavern and battle a coven  of witches in dastardly duels of mental and elemental agility!

Only once you defeat her minions will you gain access to the ultimate battle with the high witch!

Install instructions

1) Download

2) Unzip

3) Run the .exe file

4) Defeat the witches!

Note: Built for Windows x86


WitchDuel.zip 80 MB


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This is definitely an interesting take on the rock/paper/scissors game style which is enjoyable. The way the game works is fluid and I like the way the pentagram is used to make 'elements'. Albeit a little bit of a creative direction take on the use of the pentagram itself.

A little bit of criticism would be that it's a little predictable. I.e. it's rock/paper/scissors. Figure out the pattern, and whre there is none, try the one you think it right. Otherwise it's an enjoyable experience.

It gets a lot harder when you reach newgame+ witches start using more patterns, and there are subtle clues in their battle message as to what the strategy is, although we could make this better, Thanks for playing!